Short Keys Tutorial for
Tournament Directors


Install the Software

Website for free file:   

Install the file.  If you get the Shortkey Options, select Use Prefix Keys, and put in the pound symbol twice with no spacing.


Set up

You only need to do this the first time.
Open file  (ShortKeys Lite)

Click the following:  Options, Preference, Playback

Select "Use Prefix Keys."  If you do not see the double pound signs (example:  ##) in the white box, type them in.  Or you can change to a prefix of your choice in the white box. I use ##, because that is something that isn't usually typed.  The double pound symbols (or prefex keys of your choice) are what you will type to start a spam with.  Press OK.


To slow down the speed, click Options, Preference, Playback and select the delay tab.  Change 300 microseconds to a higher number.  I use 10000.  This will slow down the playback. 
If you have a token, speed is not important, but if you spam too fast, it may get ignored.  So play around with the speed to fit your needs.  Press OK. 

CAUTION:  If you host without a token, you can be temporarily silenced for flooding the lobby, so slow it down and limit the rows of text.
Create a ShortKey

Click ShortKeys, Add Shortkey

Under "Original Shortkey", type in a unique name with no spaces.   In big white box, type in the text you would like to play back.  Also, it will show you an example of how to play it back (##REGAG).  Select "Save" or "Save and Close". 

You can have up to 15 different "keys" using the free program.  The paid program the limit is virtually unlimited.
Run Macro (key)
Test it document file or at a table.
To run the macro, type in the double pound (or unique prefix) and the name:
Example type ##REGAG and it will spam what you typed in the big white box.

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